A Change of Heart

I know that I promised that my next post would about something other than uni; however, I feel like I need to tell you all about my life.

It’s crazy that at 17/18 years old we are expected to know what we want our future career to be. I had to decide what I wanted to be before I could legally drink, vote or drive past 12am (just P1 things). I guess what I am trying to say is that I changed degrees. After a semester of Midwifery I decided that that wasn’t the path for me. I am now studying a Bachelor of Teaching (secondary) with Arts. This is probably what I should have been doing all along if I’m honest with myself.

I know what you’re probably thinking, ‘wow that’s a huge jump.’ if you knew me you’d know that I always wanted to be a teacher growing up. Everyone ALWAYS told me that teaching would suit me. I guess I changed my mind in year 12 when I realised that the world was my oyster and uni had so many courses available. When you discover new things it’s hard not to take the bait and try something different.

Although I am only 3 weeks into my teaching degree I feel as though this is where I belong and I am happy. I was so scared to change degrees. I felt like a failure. I’ve since realised that it’s okay to change your mind and choose a different path. Lots of people do it and if you’re reading this and are thinking about changing degrees, just know that you can as well and it’s absolutely okay to do so.

Thank you for reading. My next post will actually be about something other than uni so look forward to it and I’ll talk to you then!

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