Getting Groovy: The Regrettes

Hey everyone! As promised in my last post, this post will not be about uni. This is my new musical themed series which I’m calling ‘Getting Groovy’ but we’ll have to see if it sticks. This week I want to introduce you to my favourite new album from one of my favourite bands ‘The Regrettes.’

‘The Regrettes’ are a band straight out of Los Angeles who give off a punk rock, alternative kind of vibe. Their front woman, Lydia Night, drummer, Drew Thomsen, lead guitarist, Genessa Gariano and bass guitarist, Brooke Dickson have absolutely crushed it in their new album ‘How Do You Love?’

‘How Do You Love?’ is an awesome album that not only makes you think about every lover you’ve had but also makes you want to jump up and have a dance! The mix between mellow and down right rock’n’roll makes for an awesome album that you can’t help but listen to it a thousand times.

Every song in the album brings a little bit magic and makes you think. ‘Intro’ which I guess would be poetry is spoken beautifully is an amazing set up for the rest of the album which continues to make you ponder and reminisce about your past experiences with that treacherous four letter word.

But don’t fear, if you haven’t been in love this album will still make you want to dance and groove because the instrumentals alone force you out of your seat! I would absolutely recommend you all to go and have a listen to this epic album!

Thank you for reading and I’ll chat with you soon!

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