New year, new me… whatever that means

Hello everyone and Happy New Year! I hope you guys had a happy holidays no matter what you do/don’t celebrate. It has been a while and quite frankly I’m not sure where the time went. The last half of 2019 feels like a blur, a very weird blur full of emotions and mixed feelings. But alas, 2020 is here and I am back.

I’ve never been a huge New Years type of person. I can appreciate the novelty of the calendar changing and numbers increasing but I don’t think I believe in the whole resolution thing. I know, I’m like the Grinch of New Years but why do we wait until the start of every year to reinvent ourselves? Sometimes in life we need change but this change doesn’t have to wait until the New Year. You want to learn Spanish and stop eating chocolate everyday? Well, why not start your goals on July 18th? Is it the law that we have to become better people but only starting the 1st of every new year?

I sound like such a negative Nancy, I’m aware and don’t get me wrong I have starting to read more books and started learning French but not because of the new year… well maybe a little bit because of the new year. If I’m honest I started learning French earlier but the whole reading goal was a decision I made after realising I read a mere 2 books last year. I know right not my best effort.

Anyway, enough of my pointless ranting for this post. Regardless of if the new year has inspired you change your ways or not I hope you are truly happy and are working on yourself because you want to change. I’m going to be posting more frequently (maybe that’s my new year resolution) I have no idea what I’ll be posting but I’m sure they’ll be interesting enough for you to keep returning back to my page!

Enjoy your week and keep working hard and I’ll see you soon! Oh and if you have any resolutions or any books you recommend for me to read feel free to comment!

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