New year, new me… whatever that means

Hello everyone and Happy New Year! I hope you guys had a happy holidays no matter what you do/don’t celebrate. It has been a while and quite frankly I’m not sure where the time went. The last half of 2019 feels like a blur, a very weird blur full of emotions and mixed feelings. But alas, 2020 is here and I am back.

I’ve never been a huge New Years type of person. I can appreciate the novelty of the calendar changing and numbers increasing but I don’t think I believe in the whole resolution thing. I know, I’m like the Grinch of New Years but why do we wait until the start of every year to reinvent ourselves? Sometimes in life we need change but this change doesn’t have to wait until the New Year. You want to learn Spanish and stop eating chocolate everyday? Well, why not start your goals on July 18th? Is it the law that we have to become better people but only starting the 1st of every new year?

I sound like such a negative Nancy, I’m aware and don’t get me wrong I have starting to read more books and started learning French but not because of the new year… well maybe a little bit because of the new year. If I’m honest I started learning French earlier but the whole reading goal was a decision I made after realising I read a mere 2 books last year. I know right not my best effort.

Anyway, enough of my pointless ranting for this post. Regardless of if the new year has inspired you change your ways or not I hope you are truly happy and are working on yourself because you want to change. I’m going to be posting more frequently (maybe that’s my new year resolution) I have no idea what I’ll be posting but I’m sure they’ll be interesting enough for you to keep returning back to my page!

Enjoy your week and keep working hard and I’ll see you soon! Oh and if you have any resolutions or any books you recommend for me to read feel free to comment!

Getting Groovy: The Regrettes

Hey everyone! As promised in my last post, this post will not be about uni. This is my new musical themed series which I’m calling ‘Getting Groovy’ but we’ll have to see if it sticks. This week I want to introduce you to my favourite new album from one of my favourite bands ‘The Regrettes.’

‘The Regrettes’ are a band straight out of Los Angeles who give off a punk rock, alternative kind of vibe. Their front woman, Lydia Night, drummer, Drew Thomsen, lead guitarist, Genessa Gariano and bass guitarist, Brooke Dickson have absolutely crushed it in their new album ‘How Do You Love?’

‘How Do You Love?’ is an awesome album that not only makes you think about every lover you’ve had but also makes you want to jump up and have a dance! The mix between mellow and down right rock’n’roll makes for an awesome album that you can’t help but listen to it a thousand times.

Every song in the album brings a little bit magic and makes you think. ‘Intro’ which I guess would be poetry is spoken beautifully is an amazing set up for the rest of the album which continues to make you ponder and reminisce about your past experiences with that treacherous four letter word.

But don’t fear, if you haven’t been in love this album will still make you want to dance and groove because the instrumentals alone force you out of your seat! I would absolutely recommend you all to go and have a listen to this epic album!

Thank you for reading and I’ll chat with you soon!

Five Things I Learnt in my First Semester of Uni

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As my first ever semester of uni comes to a close, I’m thinking about the new experiences I’ve had and the things I’ve learned. I have felt so many emotions, tried so many new things, spent long hours studying and that has led me to learn a few things about university life. Whether you’re starting uni in the near future, already at uni or are just interested, here are five things I’ve learned throughout my first semester of uni.

1. Uni is so different to high school

Everyone always tells you before starting uni that it is so much different tp high school. Up until starting uni I didn’t understand how true this was. Uni is a lot more independent than school, the lecturers won’t come and check up on you to make sure you’re okay – if you need help you have to ask. High school, well at least for me, felt like I was wrapped up in layers of bubble wrap. Nothing bad really happened, and when it did there was so much support which just came to the rescue automatically. Of course there is support at uni, a lot of it, you just have to look for it and ask for help.

Uni is also very different socially. There aren’t cliques or “popular” groups like there are in high school. You have your group of friends, usually from your course, but it isn’t like you are known for being the cool kids or the nerds or the athletes. People let people do what they want for the most part. If the social structure of high school is getting you down, just know that it’ll change.

2. Just because it isn’t compulsory, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it anyway

In uni, I’ve come to realise that there isn’t a lot that is actually compulsory… well at least for my course and the courses that people I know have told me about. Obviously you have to pass the course to get credits and graduate, therefore you have to complete the assessments, but most classes are actually not compulsory to attend every week. But just because they’re not compulsory, doesn’t mean you should skip every tutorial and/or lectures. From experience I’ve discovered that lectures are actually the most helpful way to understand your topic. You have the ability to clarify and ask questions which you cannot get by staying at home and watching them online. Going to lectures and tutorials are also a great way to network and make friends at uni who will at least come in handy for your personal gain even if you, for some strange reason don’t like having friends.

3. You’ll probably suffer financially

You may be accustamed to working a relatively large amount of hours, having financial stability and being able to afford to go out regularly, but this will likely change. Personally, ever since I was old enough to get a casual job I had one. Even throughout year 12 I worked minimum 15 hours a week, even during exams. I enjoy working but I enjoy the money even more. I was used to being financially independent and stable, having savings and going out every weekend. This has changed since uni. I am no longer able to work the same hours due to hectic study schedules and deadlines and therefore have never been so poor. This will change when uni is over and during holidays but be prepared to say ‘no’ to people and use as many discount codes as possible. ‘Unidays’ is the best for discounts, so 10/10 recommend.

4. Prioritise! Prioritise! Prioritise!

I know, prioritising sucks. I’m sure you’d rather hang out with your friends or pick up an extra shift at work but you really have to decide if it’s wise to put uni on the back burner for a day or two. The only way you’ll make it through uni or life for that matter, is to decide what is important. This will change throughout the semester. At some points in the semester you’ll be able to put your feet up, go out or do whatever it is you want to do. Other times you’ll have to be a hermit who hasn’t been outside in three days and really needs to wash their hair. If you know that you have two essays due in a weeks time that you haven’t started, it’s probably not wise to hit up pubs and clubs this weekend. Don’t take this as a ‘you can never have fun’, because you absolutely can and you absolutely need to! Balance is important so try and find that early. This is a matter of choosing wisely when you do things outside of uni. Prioritise what needs to be done first, what is most important and remember that it’s not forever.

5. Use your resources!

Last, but definitely not least, use every resource you have access to! This isn’t just the uni library, this is your peers, lecturers, learning centres, tutors and people in the years above you. If you are struggling there is so much support out there for you. Be nice to your lecturers, make friends in your classes, join a study group, get to know second years, third years and so on from your course who have been where you are. Everyone knows that uni can be hard on so many aspects of life, use the resources you have for academic help and beyond. Don’t suffer in silence. People usually want to help, you just have to put yourself out there and ask for it.

Thank you all for reading and I hope you found these points helpful. Feel free to leave a comment about any questions you have or any other points that you think would be helpful for myself and others to know about uni!

A New Adventure

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, welcome to a historic moment in my life – my first ever blog post! Well, that’s not entirely true, I have attempted to write blog in the past, however, this is my first post on this blog.

There isn’t a lot to know about me, I am your average Australian University student who finds joy in talking about their life and helping other people realise that they aren’t alone in this journey called tertiary education. Never fear, I do have other interests which I will discuss later on, but for now let’s talk about my life as a student.

I am 18 years old and a first year midwifery student. In the one semester I have been a uni student I have learnt a lot. I have felt a lot of emotions. I have spent many hours studying and pretending to study. My fellow uni students will understand the struggles that come with being a uni student; the deteriorating bank account, the lack of social life, the never ending work, and the rollercoaster of emotions that occur on an everyday basis. I want to share my experiences of uni life with you all and be able to look back once I finished my degree, on the person I was at the beginning.

But alas, enough about uni for now. As promised I will tell you a little bit about some of my other interests that you will hopefully stick around to read about in the future. One of my favourite things about myself is my music taste. I have never loved anything more than listening to music. The way music can make you feel can pretty much fix any issue in life, therefore, I want to take you all on a journey of musical discovery with me, your friendly neighbourhood music nut.

I also love fashion, I am actually on a bit of a fashion journey at the moment. I am trying to educate myself on sustainable and ethical fashion and would love to take you along for the ride. I believe that sustainable fashion can have an extremely positive effect on the earth and the fashion industry. This is a new concept for me and I am on the hunt for some ethical brands as we speak, but I also realise that this will be a long process which I will document on this blog.

I don’t want to bore you to death with too much information about me at this exact moment, so I’ll leave it there. I can assure you that I have a lot to talk about so stay tuned and I can’t wait for you to come along on this adventure with me!